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As Important As Ever

Custom, instructor-led software training seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years. But, the facts show that is as important now as it has ever been.

Only 5% of the population has high computer-related abilities.
– Nielson Norman Group

Only 5% of the population has high computer-related abilities. The personal computer era has existed for over 35 years, yet studies show that computer skills in all nations, including the U.S, are still sadly deficient. Here's a recent article from the Nielson Norman Group which states that only 5% of the population has high computer-related abilities!

CinApps knows that computer software training is vital to a proficient and efficient work force. That's why we continue to provide this valuable service. And, we're good at it.

Small Groups: Our Secret Recipe

CinApps provides custom software training, but the secret to its decades of successful training is to keep the class size small. This allows the instructor to focus on the dynamics of the group and ensure that the training is focused properly.

There's just no substitute for personalize, professional training led by an experienced trainer.

Pre-Screening: The First Ingredient

Before CinApps will provide training, each student must complete an online pre-screening evaluation for the course they've selected. This ensures that everyone in the class is at a comparable skill level and allows for the training to be focused properly by the instructor.

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